Best Europe Travel Tours

Europe has always been a tourist favorite. It is home to the world’s most exotic locations and has a lot of history tied to it with renowned historical sites all over the location. Europe is an amazing blend of different cultures and people. The continent is called home by various countries that are vastly different from one another with their very own distinct languages, cuisines, cultures, and specialties. This wide diversity is what makes Europe beautiful and special. The one thing that is common amongst all the countries and cultures is the roaring European spirit and outlook. Europe is greatly known for its places but even more so for it is people. It is worth taking note that both of these elements are what make Europe a great and proud continent.

Italy is one of Europe’s most coveted places is Italy, the birthplace of the Renaissance. This place is worth visiting due to its beautiful landscape and historical significance, the land is a beautiful mix of beaches, mountains, market gardens, medieval towns, and marble quarries. There are a host of travel tours that are being conducted in Italy. Some of these tours are solely dedicated to the place. Italy is a part of many European tour packages.

All tours in europe will usually have Italy in the list. Italy is always a part of every European tour package due to the significance of the place and its picturesque locations. If you happen to take a visit to Italy, it is highly suggested that you check out the Carrara and Massa, a marble quarry situated at the Apuan alp’s foot. It is home to 16th century cathedrals and castles that are both worth a visit.

If you fell like relaxing amidst a picturesque medieval background then Luca is the perfect place for you to head to. It is a beautiful medieval town with fantastic gardens. And while you are in the place you might want to take a trip to the amphitheater. Via Fillungo is awe inspiring and beautiful. The whole town is rich with Baroque, Neo-classical, and Renaissance villas. Get more info at

And let’s not forget a trip to the famous Florence of Italy. It is one of the world’s finest cities. It is the manifestation of cultural refinement and elegance. Florence is where Italy has been bestowed its national language. It is where the seeds of humanism and the Renaissance grew and nurtured. Italy owes this fine city greatly. Florence is also home of the famous Romanesque church that has a unique polychrome geometric façade.
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